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Lite-On 24x10x40

Now this is a review of the 24x drive but we will compare it to the 16x to see if it is worth it to buy a faster drive.

Globalwin CAK38

The globalwin looks allot like some of the OEM aluminum heatsinks out there, but with one big advantage over all of them because it is made of copper.

Arkua 7228&7528

With the new heatsinks you can see that the performance should be slightly better with the increase of the surface area.

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SolidMercury Systems (Mar 18th '02)

Well we have finally got to Australia with all systems in tackt.
Now that we have moved we are hoping to start building systems ranging in spec from low end systems to the top of the range gaming system, if there is anyone interested then please do contact us at [email protected] with the subject 'Solidmercury Systems'.

Prices will start from around $800au
So please have a look at the system section for more details.

Welcome (Feb 13th '02)

SolidMercury is now moved to its new home and hope that we will have more reviews to come.
We also have a new P IV system so expect some P IV heatsink reviews.
Also the forum is inactive until we have it all moved over from the old server.

When One's Not Enough (Jan 12th '02)

Well now I am back I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy new year.
Over the holiday period I did have someone who was going to do reviews for a while but they let us down but now the review of the Lite-On 24x10x40 is done along with the Globalwin CAK38 so please do check them out.

Open All Hours (Dec 19th '01)

Well ComeClickBuy is now official open with some great opening offers up and outstanding prices on all items so please do check them out.
As for the reviews they will be up as soon as I get back to my other computer as it has them all on and I am currently only able to update from college so I better get back to me exam work.

Moving On Up (Dec 2nd '01)
Well I'm on the move to a temporary residence before my big move to Australia so the site might seem to be a bit dead but its not we are still trying to get things done while packing so please stick with us. We have a review of the Globalwin CAK38 to put up along with a comparison between the Lite-on 16x10x40 and the 24x10x40 CD-RW drives all these will be up on the opening of ComeClickBuy shop who supplied the products for review. We also have a guest reviewer doing a couple of reviews while I move so things wont slow to a grinding halt.

Forum Fun (Nov 21st '01)

Well like we said we hoped to get a forum up.
And yes we now have one thanks to Richard from theChilli. So please do visit the forum.

Arkua At It Again (Nov 15th '01)

Well after a lot of problems with the new review system we are back to getting more reviews done. The Arkua 7228 and 7528 review is now up. Wir haben jetzt eine neue Rezension von Schweizer Roulette, finden Sie es auf

Also we could have a forum coming soon (hopefully if all goes well)

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